Added only to discourage mistakes I’ve seen in past 24 hrs:

My name is Amanda Blum. I live in Portland, Oregon.

I am a consultant, specifically in the tech sphere. I have been working in this sphere for 15+ years.  I am now most frequently found in the WordPress ecosystem. I have been known to organize events. Like WordCamps. And TwilioCon. And RailsGirls. And some non profit stuff.

I do indeed, call myself a developer, in that I can both code and actively do so, and because I specialize in strategic front end information architecture (you know, sitemapping).

I am not the spokesperson for ALL women, or even ALL WOMEN IN TECH. These are my opinions, I went to great length to specify they are just my opinions, and there is a wide swath of opinions on either side of me, all valid. Before I speak to anyone about “what women in tech think” I’m going to need to consult other women in tech. Which I’m doing. Actively. After this coffee.

If you are looking to hire me (a wholly different operation and one that my dog, who enjoys eating and frequent paw mishaps, appreciates), then just leave a comment here.

I never, ever, log into Linkedin.

If you want to contact me, you can find me online (except of course, on linkedin). Its my way of vetting people.


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